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  Xianyang Rambo machinery co., ltd is a joint-stock company hatching from the technology transfer center of Shaanxi province, founded in 1996, is the leading enterprise specializing in the production of " precision guide rail pair ". Mainly services in electronic automation, industrial robots, measuring instruments, such as precision instruments and equipment, light industrial machinery, computer embroidery machine and other industries. The city of Rambo is Yu xian science and technology industrial park, the existing staff 213 people.

  " Rambo brand guide rail pair" has been in the domestic leading level, existing more than 500 users, products are mainly sold to " Yangtze river delta" and " pearl river delta ", export to Korea, Britain, India, hong kong and other countries and regions. Has won: " Shaanxi province famous brand product" " Shaanxi new product development advanced unit" " Shaanxi province specialized fine special new model enterprise "," Xianyang city science and technology innovation enterprise ", " Xianyang city enterprise technology center" " Xianyang city knowledge property superiority enterprise" and so on honorary title. Declare the national utility model patent 8 items, the invention patent 3 items.

  The company is based on the customer's demand, adhering to the principle of " technical innovation, customer satisfaction, product excellence, continuous improvement" quality management policy and " technical innovation, product excellence, effective control, sustainable development" of intellectual property management policy, implementation of " 7s" management mode and ERP information management system. " party enterprises and cooperation, common development ", willing to cooperate with all parties to mutual benefit and seek common development.

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